Manatee Tours


Each year as the waters of Florida’s Gulf Coast begin to cool, manatees swim up rivers to stay warm. One of their favorite retreats is the natural Homosassa River during the winter, but these gentle giants can be found 72 degree spring fed water year round.

Travel with Captain Jody Hogan to see these amazing creatures and experience them in their native habitat. Through respectful interaction, this wildlife encounter will get you in the water with the manatees.

Manatee Ecotour

$75 per person, 2 person minimum

All necessary snorkeling gear included
3 Hr Tour

Photo & Site Seeing:

In addition to the manatees, the Crystal River is home to countless species of migratory and year-round birds. The primitive scenery here is unsurpassed and creates an ideal setting for site seeing, bird watching and photos.